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The founder of CroTrainz dies at age of 56

After hard and long illness the founder of famous CROTRAINZ website mr. Branko Špoljarić Barney dies in age of 56. Hi was one of best computer guru's, great railfan and he was one of the first oversea BVE fans which helped to spread a word about BVE.



The websIte is suspended

Since my hosting service doesn't offer free hosting any more, the BVE CROATIA website is unavailable and the recreation of website is unknown.


Site update content

After one year the website is updated.

1. The official name of site is just BVE CROATIA, although banner with Vallis Aurea addition will be kept.
2. The web address of BVE CROATIA site is:
3. The Bregi line is reopened to the public, but in older 1.1. version.
4. The links page is updated. Sadly many sites are removed due to inactivity or closure.
5. The BVE JAPAN page is also updated, although real update refers just to modest train selection. I am working on new routes selection.

Happy new year

Happy new 2013. to all BVE fans!

Let's hope that 2013. will be better by all means.
Also, that 2013. will bring new light to BVE in Western Hemisphere since it nearly wanished:-(

Possible hosting solution!

After some search, I have found good solution at

It has 2GB of space and 10 GB of bandwith and no specific file size or extension limitations. Also it has no any adds or pop-ups. It seems to be very fast and reliable.

You can check my BVE CROATIA here.

However, this is still temporary solution since I am preparing some site updates, but I shall stay on this hosting.

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