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Shifting to H0 models?

Although I am greatly fascinated with trains models, I have no time (and money) to enter in that world. However, I did purchase small starter set and ebjoyed.

BVE offers more possibilities, but it's good to shift from computer for a while.

2011 timetable

Sadly, 2010 is not a year to remember in BVE world. That also goes for my production (un)activity. So, what to promise?

I hope I will be able to restore BVE Japan recommended addons soon. The list will be much shorter since many sites were sweeped out by turning of Infoseek free hosting. I haven't noticed that any of that sites are restored at different address.

About my production? To be honest, I don't know...

Sound add-ons?

Maybe it could be convenient...I have spotted that certain developer used my railroad crossing bells in his route. I am honored, since he respected copyright and that takes me to produce some sound add-ons as free material. This should be considered...

Mr. Mackoy woken up...the battle between BVE5 and openBVE continues...

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