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The founder of CroTrainz dies at age of 56

After hard and long illness the founder of famous CROTRAINZ website mr. Branko Špoljarić Barney dies in age of 56. Hi was one of best computer guru's, great railfan and he was one of the first oversea BVE fans which helped to spread a word about BVE.



Happy new year

Happy new 2013. to all BVE fans!

Let's hope that 2013. will be better by all means.
Also, that 2013. will bring new light to BVE in Western Hemisphere since it nearly wanished:-(

BVE5 - stil pending support for oversea users

At the momment there are still no support to non-japanese users.

BVE5 is attractive, seems that it is able to produce smooth curves without additional tools, but it still looks very unclear (syntax, rules, etc.).

The production of QUALITY routes is falling down significantly all over the world.

The recreations of Odakyu routes gives hope.

Possible renewal of BVE Japanese route selection

I consider it, making sinillar selection as before. This time i think I will not make extra pages for different BVE versions. However, this will take some time. Also, I don't think I will put routes for BVE5 only. For now.

Ssdly, many excellent routes are lost because of termination some Japanese free sites hosts.

@to Mr. Tom (well known as BVE spy activist): I am glad that you like the present from YT. :-)

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all BVE fans.

A little gift wrapped in small YouTube clip.
Garden Line winter section

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