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New openBVE route from Ireland

New eye-catching route, sadly only for openBVE.

The Ballyfeckin & Waterville Railway

Also, there are some minor updates at main BVE CROATIA site.

News from Anthony

Deducated to openBVE completely.

Eye catching stuff....

Genova - Recco (Italian route for openBVE)

Very nice Italian route is published. Sadly, it is openBVE only add-on :-(.
Therefore, I will not put screenshot (only BVE add-ons will have it).

Download it at:

Irish route for BVE4 (openBVE)


The route is great and pleasent surprise. Although it still has some errors, it is highly recommended.

The route from Ballindine to Kiltimagh is available for download at:

Seneca to Monett BVE route

New route from USA. I wish to support the author for his great work.However, you have to correct background path in route file by inputing word seneca. Also, be careful when extracting - the primary object and sound folder is also seneca.

Download it at:
BVE in the Heartland

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