Pastel touch of BVE

The official blog of BVE CROATIA and BVE GARDEN websites. It covers all activity connected with BVE Trainsim and openBVE.

Update list

The new name of BVE CROATIA VALLIS AUREA BVE HRVATSKA is shortened to just BVE CROATIA.

New temporary address of the site is:

Please bookmark it for now. I believe that soon there will be new address (payed hosting).

Content of update:
- BVE CROATIA site new name and URL
Bregi line and backgrounds package (objects section) are temporary unavailable for
download. It should be rereleased soon.
BVE2 - ner route was added (Suoya)
OPEN BVE - page is abolished
OPENBVE section is removed

There will be update of the site soon!

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