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openBVE = closed chapter

I am officially giving up from openBVE. My fears came true: we are flooded with low-quality addons which are simpli based on openBVE features. Those features are good, better that current BVE versions since they offer something new, but today main point became constructing poor addons with the train moving around and seeing it from outside, there is no desire to make realistic route, object or a train. Of course, there are exceptions, but they are quite rare.

Who knows:
if there were no openBVE, maybe we would enjoy in long waited routes from Railsimroutes or Mr. Chikainn and some they want to adjust them to openBVE and that prevents from releasing. And there are no high-quality addons, who would be motivated to make similar or better?

After all, openBVE still enables loading pure BVE addons so you should not loose any of my redraw.

On the other hand, BVE fans are not able to load and play any openBVE addons...


not so sure :-)

Well... please have a look on this superb new Italian route around Genova. And you admit that the new Irish route is not so bad too.
By the way, your Croatian website is lacking to all BVE (and openBVE) fans :-(

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